Mystery Bible

At This site I will be discussing scriptural and not religious traditional teaching of God the Father, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit and their plan of reconciliation of their precious creation call man. I will endeavor to focus on Unlocking the hidden mysteries of the Bible.”A detailed overview of the bible, biblical theories, … Continue reading Mystery Bible


The most important and central truth of the Bible is that there is only one true God, who is Father God (John 17:3), and there is only one true Son of God, who was begotten (birthed, not created) by His Father God before the world was created (John 17:5, 1 John 4:9).  There is only one true God who is Father God because He … Continue reading GOD THE FATHER

The Only Begotten Son

Welcome back to Mystery Bible as we begin our journey to discuss Jesus the Christ   The Bible calls Jesus BY several different names here are a few of them.  The Only Begotten Son, The WORD, The Son of God, the I AM, Son of Man, Son of David, The SECOND Adam, The LAMB of GOD, The Prince of … Continue reading The Only Begotten Son

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